Know the Concept of Responsive Web Design

For those of you who want to create a website for both entertainment and for serious purposes such as promotion and making money, there are things you must know, namely the concept of responsive website design. This concept did not exist a few years ago because at that time the number of smartphones capable of accessing the internet was still very small. But currently the development of the mobile world is very rapid. You can easily see people from types of students to professionals, both young and old, enjoying surfing the internet with the gadgets in their hands.


Why should you know the concept of Responsive Webs Design


This is very important because if you don’t know and you carelessly design your website, your website will not be able to be seen optimally on various devices. If you design a website on a device with a 10-inch screen, the website that you create will look perfect on devices that have the same resolution and screen size that you use, while on a smartphone, the appearance of your website will look very small and difficult to see perfectly , even difficult to navigate. On a larger screen, your website will look very small and hurt your eyes. Therefore you know and apply the responsive website design so that your pages can be viewed optimally on any device and any size. but if you are confused about how to make it you can visit LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design, a web design service provider that will certainly help you create websites that can improve your business.


Comparing Responsive Website Design and Adaptive Website Design

Although both are concepts and technologies that are new in the technology of interactive website development, they have actually appeared around 2008 and have only been popular in the past 1-2 years. For those who do not know what an adaptive website concept is, at first glance you can say that they are similar but with a little difference.

Both focus on user needs for the best page views on all sizes and types of screens. Behind their similarities, adaptive website design provides advantages that are not possessed by the website responsive concept. If the above has been explained that the responsive website design only dwells on the resize form or page size of a website which includes video window size, image size, font size, and even the size of the website itself, the concept of adaptive website also functions the same but added screen adaptation. Adaptation means making necessary changes, not only the screen size, image size, video size and the size of the website itself but also the size of the file.